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Hypnotherapy in St Louis

Setting first appointment

Konstantin is a professional, trained and experienced hypnotist who practices ethical hypnosis procedures.  He understands the difficult process his clients go through before they make a decision to ask for help or before they decide to use hypnosis.  In order to help his clients effectively, Konstantin follows honorable appointment setting procedures.  Konstantin gives clients individual appointments and dedicates his time fully to understand your problem and make appropriate connections.  He understands that different clients approach appointments setting at different degree of importance.  However, Konstantin is a professional, full-time hypnotist who dedicates his time to help his clients resolve some deep, rigid and stubborn issues.  This process is an energy draining experience.  Your first appointment insures a good connection and establishes a relationship that will help create appropriate level of comfort.

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Addressing issues deeper with hypnosis

If you wonder why hypnosis has a deep affect, it’s because you are ready to learn two things. First, the personal unconscious is the seat of most of our emotional experiences and physiological processes. Second, we know, that the best place to start and support the recovery process for any problem is at the seat of that process. Whether you use hypnosis to stop smoking *, weight loss, or stop bed wetting *, through hypnosis you can communicate the change to unconscious mind sooner. If you are looking for hypnosis, then you want to be here because of a few important reasons. You want to be here, because you recognize the problem and what it causes.  You want to be here, because you tried various methods and they did not work as well as they should or you reached a stop. You might want to use hypnosis for weight loss and that means you are ready to reassign your relationship with food.  On the other hand, you may want the quit smoking * hypnosis program, not because you just want to quit, but also, need to quit*. Stop smoking* hypnosis involves deep subconscious resolution that resolves conflicts and focuses on long term solutions. Despite the fact that  weight loss hypnosis and stop smoking* hypnosis are among the most popular uses of hypnotherapy in St. Louis, hypnosis is a broad range tool that aids in resolution of a rich variety of normal, everyday problems.Some of them include sleep disorders, habit control, addiction recovery, weight reduction, stress relief, pain management and sports enhancement.  Hypnotherapy covers any processes of life connected to unconscious mind. If someone asks you why you want to be healthy, you may think it’s an interesting question, because it seems too obvious for anyone to ever ask you that. For instance, some people would say, because it makes me feel good, and we all realize that health is our basic need for survival.   At the same time, if someone asks you why you want to use hypnosis you will be comfortable to answer that it makes you feel not just good, but also confident. If you can have a great experience with hypnosis you will not only feel great, but also address the core issue of your problem, keep a valuable skill and accept reality. Isn’t this what people always want to do more of anyway? If you can’t relate to one of the reasons above, you know you can still find it within those boundaries. When you are first learning about hypnotherapy you may want to learn accurate facts about hypnosis and hypnotherapist's work. A hypnotist communicates to your powerful subconscious mind utilizing techniques that stimulate memories, understandings, and thoughts that normally operate at the subconscious level. Properly applied hypnotic techniques help resolve the problems such as, smoking, fears, negative habits, physical or emotional pain, and more. This work will proceed at the depth of its unconscious roots. Addressing the root of the problem is the main reason you want to use hypnosis.  

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