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Hypnosis for child birth Hypno-birthing,

what is hypnosis for child birth

You may already know that hypnosis is a tool that communicates to your subconscious mind. In cases of labor and birthing, hypnosistherapy provides an easy access into the environment of relaxation, comfort and generally fear free atmosphere.  Women are tought techniques to forget pain, focus on positive outcome as a result the process of birthing becomes gentle. 
Childbirth hypnosis programs, offer the learning experience to both, women and their partners. They are educated about mental traps of their belief systems that can cause undesirable effect on birthing process.  Therefore, we teach them to re-word their language and redirect their perception to maximize the positive affect.

At the same time, hypnosis is a safe and side effect free process.  A hypnotist can only help you gain extra control in the area of your interest where you had little or no control before.  I’d like to remind you that hypnosis is a guided form of a natural, everyday, human experience.

How does hypnosis for labor work?

The objective of hypnotic intervention is to achieve the positive mental environment.  Our subconscious mind accepts the messages not only from the hypnotist but also and mostly from the environment.  In fact, the environment is the best hypnotist. For example, hospital can represent different subconscious environment. In our society, people only go to the hospital when they have no choice so it represents emergency.  In the subconscious representation emergency means fear and that’s a primary reason for a flight-or-fight response. This response causes tension, tension causes tightening of woman’s body that leads to increased pain discomfort and delay of delivery.
During hypnosis for birthing program, we teach a woman to associate the birthing process with positive experiences, images and feelings. She learns to minimize discomfort and associate the hospital environment with positive rather than negative environment.
In return, a woman’s body responds with cutting off the stress hormones that cause tightening and pain and releases counteragents, such as, endorphins and serotonin. They cause the muscle tissue to relax while eliminating discomfort. Experts say, this makes sense that hypnosis delivers such results. They feel the process and outcome agrees with their knowledge of how body works. One of the experts is William Camann, director of obstetric anesthesia at Brigham and women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Scientists cannot evaluate hypnosis like a pill due to underdeveloped scientific format. However, various studies show that hypnosis caused significant pain reduction. In addition, hypnosis influenced changes in the rate of both, c-section and length of labor. Women who used hypnosis reported filling sensations such as pressure, or discomfort instead of intolerable pain through labor and delivery.  Progressively, many women reported having pain free childbirth.