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Master Mind Hypnosis

creation is a part of life
change is a part of creation
hypnosis creates life change

Konstantin Bilich and his family had established their life in St. Louis Missouri since 1993 having brought their life over from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Konstantin acquired his lifelong interest in hypnosis from his homeland where hypnosis is a popular mean of helping people in various areas of life, such as health, personal wellness, and self improvement. He also learned that hypnosis was used for people with various medical conditions, either as an aid to help the healing process and recovery, or as the last resort, if medicine couldn't help any longer.  In short, Konstantin believes in the powerful bond between the unconscious mind, energy flow and body. People must learn to achieve internal balance to sustain any kind of healing or recovery. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is one avenue to the unconscious where his balance can be set for any men or women, of any permissive age or normal intellectual response capabilities.

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Hypnosis in St Louis

Master Mind Hypnosis is a private practice where we exercise hypnotherapy as an extraordinary instrument that releases the inner wealth of resources your unconscious mind has to offer. Equally important, hypnotherapy has been instrumental in the advancement and practice of safe and cost effective procedures that have helped thousands of people when other procedures failed. Furthermore, medical and psychological professionals discovered that hypnosis is an excellent adjunct, even a necessary addition to speed up the recovery and healing, thus eliminating unnecessary suffering. For instance, Mayo Clinic is a great example of the use of hypnotherapy for wellness and medical purposes in a highly reputable medical facility.

Konstantin Bilich is the founder of Master Mind Hypnosis and a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. He began the study of hypnotism in 2005, and achieved excellence in establishing his presence in this profession. Konstantin mastered the art of hypnosis studying under NGH's (National Guild of Hypnotists) most elite instructor and most experienced hypnotherapy specialist in the area of the greater St. Louis, Don Mottin, who is a founder of Mottin & Jonson Institute of Hypnosis. Don has been teaching and practicing hypnotism for the past 40 years. He thought Konstantin the skills that he acquired in over four decades of hypnotherapy practice. While Don Mottin does not offer hypnotherapy any longer he continues to educate hypnotism for NGH.

You and I, we'll use original hypnosis to  help you find and recreate a healthy way.