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Hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) influences mainly women of ages 15 to 65.  Its causes may differ and involve situation of long periods of stress or situation where body and mind respond to environmental triggers.

IBS is severely disturbing as it causes pain, discomfort and the need to be absent to deal with the symptoms. In the course of work we carefully observe what works best for the client and focus our sessions accordingly. 

We focus initial session on discovering the environment of the IBS. Hypno-analysis helps to narrow down the origin of the symptoms, which in return helps to resolve any subconscious conflicts associated with it.

We use proven hypnosis techniques to reduce stress and promote healing.  In trance, the client’s mind engages subconscious resources to associate digestive system with positive responses. Your digestive system is naturally responsive to suggestions as it constantly interacts with external as well as perceptional environment. 

Hypnotherapy intervention offers a broad range of hypnosis-based techniques to individualize an appropriate approach.  Hypnosis techniques may include visualizations, disassociation, regression and discomfort management and gut-directed approaches.  Hypnotherapy techniques relieve digestive system of stress to promote healthy interaction with environment.