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Hypnosis program for PTSD

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Have you been down this road a while? Can we Help?

Many PTSD victims find hypnotherapy treatment beneficial adjunct to treatment recommended by their health care provider.  Some sufferers seek out hypnosis after trying an array of other treatments and achieving none or little progress, many discover success after hypnotic treatment. 

hypnosis helps create a safer environment.

Hypnosis helps to achieve an important shift in interaction with perception of PTSD trauma.  It engages the imaginative part in a safe environment where the trauma can be processed and shifted as well as separated from a strong physiological response. 

Your personal situation is important.

To ensure success we always start with evaluation of client’s personal situation.  Hypnotherapy techniques may include visualizations, disassociation, regression, discomfort management and so on.  Obviously, the power of hypnosis is not only in its ability to induce trance, but also in practitioner’s ability to make techniques flexible. This way every client will get what he or she needs. 

Hypnosis is best when it's flexible.

We use an effective range of hypnotic styles to insure the deepest learning experiences.  Our hypnosis may include conversational, cognitive, analytical, Eriksonian, and conventional styles.  Consequently, a broad range of hypnosis styles insures the most effective application of various hypnotic techniques. As a result, your subconscious mind releases any traumatic experiences and builds safer environments for daily life. 

You are always a part of the process.

I will address your needs with care and understanding and communicate any choice related to your treatment arrangement. When important, I ask a client to make choices before treatment begins or if we need to make changes.

The questions are easy to ask.

If you would like to receive a more personalized explanation about how hypnotherapy could help change your PTSD, you can contact me directly using the phone number at the top or the contact form.