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Hypnosis in St Louis

  • Fear of public speech
  • self confidence

Hypnosis  create subconscious resolutions for life changes

Every new case starts with a cost of $100 for the first session

follow up sessions are $65. (Fear excluded)

-Preliminary session is designed to discuss the issue and get acquainted as well as experience a short hypnotic induction.

When possible we can follow up with a hypnotherapy session directed at your issue. 

Price for a single Stop Smoking Session must be discussed.

85% of people need only one cessation session. 

However, individual needs may vary.

Attention Please!  Call for details.

  • test anxiety
  • anger resolution
  • Insomnia
  • memory & focus

Master Mind Hypnosis

  • sports performance
  • motivation
  • Pain Control and Healing
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Pregnancy Nausea
  • Chemotherapy Nausea