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* I began hypnotherapy when I found I had once again regained the weight I had lost only a few years ago. That was not my first diet; I had tried and even succeeded at every diet imaginable. Dieting was not my problem. What I needed was to unlearn all my destructive eating behaviors, and begin anew relationship with food; one that would allow me to keep the weight off. For me, hypnosis was scary at first, yet an exciting option. Through research, I learned that my subconscious mind is far more powerful than I ever imagined, so I decided hypnosis was perhaps the best way to use my mind in a new and different way, and maybe it could help me in a way diets couldn't. My first session of hypnotherapy allayed all my fears, it was a very positive experience involving complete relaxation while exploring some of the reasons from my past, which have contributed to my food issues. That exploration was followed by suggestions of some easy changes I could make to begin my journey. I also learned how to call on my subconscious to work for me. When I came out of the hypnotic state, I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, and excited about the experience. Going into this process, I had feared l might not remember what had happened while under hypnosis but that was not the case. Instead, my awareness was heightened, and I was able to call on those memories to help me put the suggestions into practice. I found that at each session, the relaxation, remembering my past and then leaving it in the past followed by firmly planted suggestions, have been very positive and useful, and left me looking forward to trying out this new use of my mind. I have also learned self-hypnosis, and I use it daily to reinforce the suggestions that I learned at each session. An important thing I have discovered is that hypnotherapy for weight loss is not a one-time deal. It has taken a lifetime to develop this destructive relationship with food, and it will take more than one session to learn to use my subconscious mind to make better choices and create new patterns. So this is a journey I am on. Each session allowed me to learn more about myself and how my mind works, and also planted new habits in my subconscious. I began this process as a very sad person. Rapidly, I am learning to call on my own mind to start this new relationship with food, and thus replace yo-yo dieting with a healthier, happier life. Elaine B.

* I really appreciate the way Konstantin Bilich’s hypnosis sessions work. First, we have a conversation, much like with a conventional therapist, in which he asks focused questions about how I am doing. He listens intently, asking questions of clarification. He then restates what I’ve shared back to me, in the context of the subconscious mind and why I may be thinking the thoughts that keep me from meeting the goals on which I am working (in my case, weight loss and physical fitness). Then we’re ready for the hypnosis, which takes up the majority of the session. I move over to a very comfortable, reclining chair and briefly stare at a spot on the wall. He asks me to close my eyes and proceeds to guide me through a series of relaxation exercises. Though I am very calm and peaceful, I am fully aware of what he is saying and notice with appreciation how skillfully he customizes my experience by incorporating specific aspects of our earlier conversation. Afterwards, we have a brief conversation to review the experience and discuss what I saw in my mind’s eye as he was talking or how I interpreted some of his visualizations. I find our sessions insightful and valuable and feel hopeful that this work will assist me with my challenges moving forward.
Richard Cohen

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* Thank you Konstantin,
I used to get so nervous public speaking, I felt like I was going to black out and faint. I thought it was hopeless, I would condense what I wanted to say to only a few words so that I could limit the nervousness.  The first time I spoke to an audience after seeing Konstantin, it was an introduce yourself type situation, I saw it was soon to be my turn and the familiar nervousness set in. I had what I was going to say well prepared and very brief. When it was my turn I stood up, started to speak, and the nervousness completely vanished in a flash. I could not believe it, I was stunned, "Is this really me?" I thought, "Talking to this audience without being nervous.?" Now I don't even get nervous in anticipation to speak, it is like second nature to me. I love it!
Thanks again Konstantin.

Public speech and fear

* Hello Konstantin

It's been eight months since you helped me stop smoking.  I want you to know that I am now truly considering myself smoke-free.  I have to be honest, I did not think hypnosis was going to work.  My previous experience quitting smoking made me doubt my confidence so much that I wasn't sure if anything would work.  I like how I felt after the first session, everything you said made perfect sense. After the cessation session I felt very little straggle or the need to fight.  My urges faded away like you said they would.  I am very happy and, by the way I lost 8lb.  Thank you, you changed my life.

Leah C.

Stop smoking testimonials

* Hi Konstantin

I thought you'd like to know how our progress is going since our last session.  Both, my husband and son are continuing to release weight.  I am doing really well too.  No more crying about anything.  I feel that control is rather easy and natural as there is no need to fight.  Thank you for teaching me how to enjoy the process of progress instead of feeling guilty all the time.  Between the three of us, we let go of 37 pounds and keep going with confidence.

Deep Regard,

Carol, Mathew, Steven

Weight loss & eating habits

* I wanted to thank you for helping me change my habits and my life.  It was an up and down process, doing very well some weeks and having some normal setbacks others.  I feel like my subconscious mind has really taken over at this point.  I very seldom struggle with will power.  My binge overeating is gone.  I have a whole new relationship with food and eating habits.  I have been self hypnotizing several times a week, and I have finally started to lose the weight.  I have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks (individual results may vary), but more important I feel calm and like I don't have to struggle with all of the foods tugging at me .  The experience with hypnosis has changed my life.  I feel so good about myself.
Thanks for all of your help,

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